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  • 1 On 1 Personal Training



    Do you want to get healthy, fit, strong and toned during midlife?  Do you have weight loss or weight management goals you would like to reach, but don’t know where to start?  Is your current fitness routine and regimen simply not working, and not getting you the results you’re looking for?  If so, The “Your Midlife Maven Method” 1 on 1 Personal Training Program is a good fit for you.

    What Is It:

    The “Your Midlife Maven Method” 1 On 1 Personal Training Program Includes The Following:

    • Daily exercise & fitness motivational memos
    • Weekly online fitness training sessions
    • Monthly health & fitness goal assessments
    • Personalized tips and resources for non-training and rest days
    • Monthly fitness challenges to keep you motivated & encouraged
    • Exercise technique tips & training
    • Regular accountability checks-ins to keep you on track & accountable

    How It Works:

    As your Personal Trainer, I Will Do The Following:

    • Prepare a customized personal training program, designed to help you reach your unique health & fitness goals.
    • Create and implement a safe and effective exercise program designed specifically for you.
    • Use appropriate exercises for your body type and fitness level, to help you reach your health & fitness goals.
    • Design exercise regimens for you that meet the specific needs of midlife women.
    • Work with you to help you get in shape, increase your endurance, strength and muscle tone.
    • Train you to use proper technique & form to maximize your exercise results.
    • Provide accountability, motivation and encouragement during your exercise journey.
    • Provide you with tips, tools and resources to improve your overall health and fitness.


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