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  • 4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Guide


    Are you a midlife woman who wants to get started on a healthy living plan, or who knows you need to get healthy and fit, but you just don’t know how or where to start?  Are you a midlife woman who doesn’t have time to work with a nutrition coach and personal trainer, but you would like to have a DIY plan that you can implement to jumpstart your healthy living or weight loss and weight management plan?  If so, this 4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Guide is for you.

    This 4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Guide is designed to help you jump start your weight loss and/or weight management plan, and help you start to lose weight and/or maintain your weight and reach your healthy living goals.

    What’s In The Guide:

    • A 4-week nutrition and meal plan.
    • A 4-week fitness and exercise plan.
    • Tips for jump starting your weight loss.
    • Featured recipes for meals included in the nutrition and meal plan.
    • & more

    Also, as an introductory bonus, when you “Get The Guide,” you’ll receive a “Free” Your Midlife Maven “Daily Gratitude & Self-Care Journal,” to help you stay positive and motivated along your health and wellness journey.  Get started on your healthy living journey with a guide that makes it simple and easy to start living healthy, fit and well below.


    Your Midlife Maven - 4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Guide

    A 4-Week Fitness Plan & Nutrition/Meal Plan To Jump Start Your Healthy Living & Weight Loss