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  • Beauty Day: Let’s Makeup-A Few Of My Spring Makeup Favorites


    Nars ‘Pure Radiant’ Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (Free Gift With Purchase); M-A-C Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer – NC45; M-A-C Nordstrom Naturals’ Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition; Nordstrom Exclusive); Nars ‘The Multiple’ Stick in Puerto Vallarta or Orgasm (Free Gift With Purchase); M-A-C ‘Zoom Fast Black Lash’ Mascara; Tom Ford Lipstick – Color Sable Smoke (Free Gift With Purchase).

    If you’ve been out shopping for makeup lately, you have probably noticed that despite any color trends in fashion, spring makeup is coming up somewhat neutral.  From flesh toned lipsticks to neutral eyeshadow pallets, spring makeup appears to be all about getting that natural, no make up look.  So, here are a few of my spring makeup favorites, and because I am somewhat of a makeup minimalist all year long,  I have been using most if not all of these products for quite some time, and I can easily recommend them.

    1.  Nars ‘Pure Radiant” Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – If you are looking to go a little lighter on your makeup this spring, or if you are simply a fan of minimal makeup all year long, but want some coverage, a tinted moisturizer is the way to go.  I have been using the Nars Tinted Moisturizer for a couple of years now, and I truly love it.  Not only does it moisturize the skin, and gives the skin a radiant glow, it also offers buildable coverage, so you can determine the right amount of coverage you need for your skin.  An added bonus is that it contains an SPF30 to protect your skin, and eliminates the need for a separate sunscreen product.  It comes in a variety of colors (my color is Malaga), and it is very easy to apply, saving you time on your makeup routine.

    Nars Tinted Moisturizer

    2.  M-A-C Studio Fix Concealer – This lightweight concealer is amazing.  This has been a staple in my makeup bag for a long time.  It provides great coverage for any trouble areas, it goes on easy, stays in place, and also provides skin protection with an SPF 35.  It is perfect to use with a tinted moisturizer or any foundation for spot coverage, and it comes in quite a few colors (my color is NC45).

    MAC Studio Finish Concealer

    3.  M-A-C Nordstrom Naturals’ Eyeshadow Palette –  This beautiful eyeshadow palette is a collection of M-A-C’s 15 best selling shades, and they all just happen to be perfect for the spring makeup trend.  The palette includes shades that are easy to apply, and colors that allow you to create eye looks that can go from day to evening, giving you a lot of versatility in one palette.

    MAC Nordstrom Neutrals' Eyeshadow Pallette

    4.  Nars ‘The Multiple Stick’ – This all-in-one beauty stick is so versatile, it can be used for the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body.  This is yet another one of my spring favorites that I have been using for quite some time.  I use it primarily on my cheeks, for a sun kissed glow and touch of color.  I also use it alone or over a lipstick to add a little gloss without a high shine, and I use it as an all over color on my eyelids or in certain spots to give the eyelid a little pick up.  It comes in a variety of colors (my favorite colors are Puerta Vallarta and Orgasm), both perfect for a spring natural make up look.

    Nars 'The Multiple Stick

    5.  M-A-C ‘Zoom Fast Black Lash’ Mascara – If you are looking to get natural, full, long lashes, this mascara is for you.  I simply love this mascara because it goes on without clumps, while also instantly adding length and volume to your lashes.  This deep, dark, rich color will give any eyes a pop.

    MAC Zoom Fast Lash Black

    6.  Tom Ford Lip Color  –  Because lip color is somewhat of a finishing touch to your make up routine, choosing a color that compliments any makeup look is important.  I absolutely adore this lipstick, and this color is my go-to-color.  Tom Ford lip colors not only wear well and look good, they are actually good for your lips with special ingredients that moisturize and offer a flawless application.

    Tom Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick

    See more of my favorite make up items from Tom Ford from a previous post here.

    You can also visit my Shop Beauty page here.

    As always, thanks for reading!


    1. Rena
      March 18, 2015 / 9:30 pm

      Love Nars!!

      • Lulu With Grace
        March 18, 2015 / 11:38 pm

        Me Too!! Thanks so much for your comment! I truly appreciate it!

    2. Sharon
      March 19, 2015 / 9:31 pm

      Thank you for these recommendations. I live in a very dry climate, and I have been looking for a good tinted moisturizer. I will definitely order the Nars tinted moisturizer and the multiple stick. Also, I love your blog!!… not just product info, but good, helpful tips also.

      • Lulu With Grace
        March 19, 2015 / 9:36 pm

        Sharon, thank you so much for your comment! You will absolutely love the Nars tinited moisturizer and multiple stick. They are great products, and the tinted moisturizer will be perfect for your skin in a dry climate. Thanks for your support of my blog!!

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