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  • Beauty: My Favorite Face Firming Tool & Why I Love It


    Product Details:

    Microcurrent Face Firming Tool: NuFACE Microcurrent Device (NOW ON SALE); 6 Easy Pays Available

    Pajama Set: White Pajama Set (Sold Out); Similar here

    Regardless of our age, we all want to do whatever we can to look and feel as youthful as we possibly can. I learned a long time ago, as a Skincare Consultant for Clinique in college, that when it comes to aging, especially with your skin, a consistent skincare regime, and preventative measures like sunscreen and at-home or dermatologist/spa facials are a first line of defense for reducing premature skin aging. There are now also many at home tools and devices that help to improve the appearance of skin, and that also help to prevent premature skin aging.

    One of my favorite at home face firming tools is the NuFACE microcurrent facial toning device. I have been using this device for several years now, and I can honestly attest to the benefits of using it. To see visible results, it only takes five minutes a day, 3-5 times per week. In addition, it’s small and convenient for travel, and most importantly, you can see results after the first use. Here are some benefits of the NuFACE device, and just a few more reasons why I love this device.

    Benefits Of The NuFace Device:

    It stimulates skin cell to turnover and renew at a faster rate.

    It stimulates elastin and collagen to firm skin.

    It reduces inflammation and puffiness.

    It stimulates blood flow and muscle tone.

    It revitalizes, refreshes and gives the skin a more youthful glow and appearance.

    You can watch my video tutorial for using the device here.

    I hope you found this post helpful. If you want to try the device before you pay fully, I have linked to the device that is now on sale, and it is also available on 6 easy pays, here.

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