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  • Florals & A Little Sparkle


    Outfit Details:

    Top:  Floral Stripe Tie Cuff Shirt

    Bottom:  Cuffed Mom Jeans (Sold Out); Similar here and here

    Belt:  Metallic Belt

    Shoes:  Sparkle Block Heel Mule; Also, love these here and here

    Bag:  Gucci Bag

    Florals seem to have really taken the fashion scene by storm.  You see them on everything from clothing to accessories, and although I don’t personally own many floral pieces, when I see them, I really do like them.  Because floral pieces seem to be perfect for spring and summer, I thought I would give the trend a try with this striped floral shirt.

    If you follow my blog, you already know that I like stripes, so this shirt definitely caught my eye.  I paired this floral stripe tie cuff shirt with my cuffed mom jeans for a casual look, and I accessorized with a little sparkle, by adding my metallic belt and sparkle mules, and I grabbed my Gucci bag.  If you’ve ever considered adding floral pieces to your wardrobe, and find them slightly overwhelming and hard to blend with your signature style, in today’s “Style Guide,” I’m sharing a few ways to ease this pretty print into your wardrobe.

    Style Guide:  A Few Ways To Ease Florals Into Your Wardrobe

    Start Slow – When working with any trend, and in this case a new print, ease into it, by starting slow with pieces that only have a minimal amount of the print.

    Try The Print As An Accessory First – If you want to truly ease into florals, start with a scarf, bag or shoe.  These pieces can be easily balanced with other pieces in your look, so you don’t feel overdone with florals.

    Go With Muted Floral Prints – Pick pieces with muted florals or a small amount of the print.

    Keep It Simple When Styling Your Floral Pieces – Limiting your look to one floral piece helps to keep your look simple and chic, but still on trend.

    I hope today’s “Style Guide” has given you a few ideas for easily adding floral pieces to your wardrobe.   You can shop the items in this post, by clicking the links above in “Outfit Details,” by clicking the photos below in “Shop This Post”, or you can visit the Shop Fashion Page here.  Also, you can shop Lulu With Grace partner sales and promotions here.

    As always, thanks so much for reading!


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