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  • Group Nutrition Coaching


    Would you like to learn more about general nutrition and the dietary needs to live healthy and well during midlife?  If so, The “Your Midlife Maven Method” Group Nutrition Coaching Program is a good fit for you.  The group nutrition program is designed to provide coaching on ways to more easily adopt healthy eating in a guilt-free and enjoyable way, that’s necessary for good health, weight loss and/or weight management during midlife. 

    The Group Nutrition Coaching Program differs from the 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching Program, in that it’s designed for the do-it-yourself midlife woman, who wants expert nutrition insights and information, and nutritional guidance and direction to be knowledgeable and equipped to design their own personalized health and nutrition plan.

    What Is It: 

    The “Your Midlife Maven Method” Group Nutrition Coaching Program Includes The Following:

    • A 4 or 6 week healthy eating group coaching program for beginners or those needing a nutritional jump start to get back on track with a healthy eating plan.
    • Weekly video group nutrition coaching sessions covering various nutrition topics relevant to midlife women (live or recorded).  Some topics include eating for your body type, creating healthy & balanced meals, managing & resisting emotional eating, healthy snacking, important nutrients for menopause weight loss or weight management, & much more…
    • Group instruction and guidance on how to develop your own healthy eating, midlife weight loss or weight management nutrition plan.
    • Group coaching on midlife weight loss or weight management goal setting.
    • Group coaching on how to create weekly shopping lists and read food labels.
    • Group coaching on ways to develop and stick with healthy eating lifestyle habits during midlife.

    How It Works:

    As your Group Nutrition Coach, I Will Do The Following:

    • Provide expert nutrition advice and guidance in a group coaching setting to help you reach your health/nutrition and wellness goals.
    • Provide nutrition resources and information to help you create a personalized nutrition plan, designed to help you improve your health, lose weight, or manage your weight.
    • Provide group coaching sessions, discussions and Q&A’s about healthy eating, and how it relates to midlife health and wellness, midlife weight loss, and midlife weight management.
    • Provide guidance on ways to maintain your weight loss or weight management results through a healthy lifestyle habits plan.
    • Provide you with tips, tools and resources to improve your overall health and wellness through diet and nutrition.


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