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  • Group Personal Training



    Are you looking for an exercise program that’s inspiring, motivating and encouraging?  Do you need an exercise program that offers structure, accountability and support in a group setting?  If so, The “Your Midlife Maven Method” Group Personal Training Program is a good fit for you.

    Group personal training has recently been gaining popularity, because it’s a fun and interesting way to get fit, while accessing expert fitness training and guidance, at an affordable price.  Small group personal training has become the future of workout experiences, providing a great personal training alternative to 1 On 1 personal training at a fraction of the cost.

    What Is It:

    The “Your Midlife Maven Method” Group Personal Training Program Includes The Following:

    • An outcome-based 4 or 6 week small group training program that helps midlife women reach their health and fitness goals, through cardio exercises and strength training exercises designed specifically for midlife women.
    • A group personal training program that offers midlife women an opportunity to be part of a community of women who are on the same or similar health and fitness journey.
    • Weekly online small group personal training classes with no more than 10 participants.
    • Group personal training classes that offer guidance and instruction on proper movement, technique, and form to prevent injury.
    • Online group training classes that allow you to join from anywhere.
    • Monthly group fitness challenges that keep you challenged, motivated and encouraged.
    • Access to video workouts that will keep you exercising outside of the regularly scheduled group classes.

    How It Works:

    As your Group Personal Trainer, I Will Do The Following:

    • Lead you in weekly group cardio exercise classes designed to get your heart pumping, and increase your endurance and stamina in a fun and energetic environment.  Classes will range from 40-55 minutes.
    • Lead you in weekly strength training classes designed to help you get strong and toned through body weight and weighted exercises.  Classes range from 20-35 minutes.
    • Train you to use proper technique and from during the group training classes to maximize your results, and limit injury.
    • Provide you with ongoing instruction and positive feedback to keep you motivated and encouraged.
    • Offer online group personal training classes that foster the camaraderie of in-person fitness classes.
    • Provide a group personal training accountability program to keep you motivated and encouraged to stay on track.
    • Offer tips, tools and resources in the group classes to help you improve your overall health and fitness.


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