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  • Group Wellness Coaching



    Would you like to make positive health and wellness changes in your life? Are you looking to improve your self-confidence, positivity and overall well-being and happiness during midlife?  Do you find that you are more motivated and inspired by working in a group, and being held accountable by others to reach your health and wellness goals?  If so, The “Your Midlife Maven Method” Group Wellness Coaching Program is a good fit for you.

    What Is It:

    The “Your Midlife Maven Method” Group Wellness Coaching Program Includes The Following:

    • A 6 week group wellness coaching program designed to help you live healthy and well, with peace of mind, and confidence to live the life you desire during midlife and beyond.
    • Bi-weekly video group wellness coaching sessions that cover various midlife wellness topics, like stress and anxiety reduction, enhanced self-confidence, improved inner peace, work-life balance, and meditation and mindfulness to help you improve your health and happiness from the inside out.
    • Group coaching and instruction on how to set achievable wellness goals designed to help you thrive during midlife.
    • Group coaching and guidance on how to make sustainable lifestyle changes that help you reduce stress and anxiety, manage midlife changes and challenges, and improve your overall health and wellness.

    How It Works:

    As you Group Wellness Coach, I will Do The Following:

    • Provide guidance and instruction on setting and accomplishing your health and wellness goals in a group setting.
    • Offer tips, tools and resources to help you reduce stress, and improve your inner peace.
    • Provide coaching and guidance on improving your self-confidence to help you live the life you want during midlife.
    • Lead group instruction on ways to increase your energy levels to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
    • Provide group coaching on a habit-focused approached to improved health and wellness during midlife.
    • Provide group coaching on ways to improve mindfulness, sleep, and find balance during midlife.
    • Offer access to a private Wellness Facebook group for ongoing support, tips, and tricks in a community for midlife women.


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