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  • A Reversible Camel Coat & 5 Things I Do To Kick Off My Week


    Outfit Details:

    Top:  Reversible Waterfall Camel Coat; Ribbed Panel Sweater (Sold Out), Similar here

    Bottom:  High Rise Wide Leg Jeans (Old), Similar here

    Shoes:  Snake Print Bootie (Old); Similar here, here, and here

    Bag:  Louis Vuitton Pouchette

    Stole:  Mixed Faux Fur Stole (Sold Out); Similar here, here, and here (All Now On Sale)

    The first month of the new year is coming to a close, and almost everyone I know that set New Year’s resolutions are struggling to maintain them, and still trying to figure out how to get organized and on track for a successful year, personally, professionally or both.  Although, I by no means have all the answers to how to accomplish everything I’m hoping to achieve this year, I’ve recently started a weekly routine that I thought I would share with you, and maybe some of the things I do, can give you a few ideas for organizing and planning your week.

    For me personally, having a plan has always been key to any success I’ve achieved.  I guess, I’m just one of those regimented people, who has to see everything written down, and who has to have a plan to keep myself on track.  Recently I’ve started a weekly routine, that is truly helping me kick off my week organized, and with a positive mindset to reach any of my goals for the week.  So, in today’s “Lifestyle Guide,” I’m sharing “5 Things I Do To Kick Off My Week.”

    Lifestyle Guide:  5 Things I Do To Kick Off My Week

    Plan My Week On Sunday – Every Sunday, I sit down, and plan out the things I would like to achieve for the week, and write down the things I need to do to accomplish them.

    Pick A Quote For The Week – A positive or inspired mindset is key to reaching any goal, so, I pick a positive, inspirational quote each week to keep positive vibes going all week long.

    Plan My Daily Affirmations – If you follow Lulu With Grace On Instagram, you have probably viewed the daily affirmations I share on my Instastories.  These affirmations represent daily encouragement, and promote a positive outlook.

    Write Down My Personal And Professional Goals For The Week – Knowing what you want to do, is the first step in getting it done.  Having a list that you can refer to when you need to be reminded of your goals can be helpful in staying on task.

    Create A Weekly To Do List – After I have my goals for the week listed, I create a list of things that I need to do to achieve those goals.  It is my road map to a successful week.

    I hope today’s post has given you a few ideas for kicking off your week with success.  For this look, I paired my Reversible Camel Coat with my Ribbed Panel Sweater (sold out; similar here), and my High Rise Wide Leg Jeans (old; similar here).  I added my snake print boots (old, similar here, here and here), my Louis Vuitton bag, and my mixed faux fur stole (sold out; similar here, here and here).  You can shop these items or similar items in the post, by clicking the photos below in “Shop This Post,” or by clicking the links above in “Outfit Details.”

    As always, thanks so much for reading!


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