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  • Shop-Style: My Picks From Banana Republic’s Extra 50% Off Sale


    If you love staying fashionable, and like most people, love that accomplished feeling when you can find great items on sale, then you will love today’s post. Today, I’m not only sharing my picks from Banana Republic’s “EXTRA 50% Off Sale Items” sale, but I’m also sharing tips for being savvy when shopping store sales. See my Banana Republic sale picks below, click on the items you like to get the details (remember they are an EXTRA 50% off), and see the sale shopping tips below.

    Tips For Being A Savvy Sale Shopper:

    1.  Be A Savvy Internet Shopper – Be sure to visit your favorite stores online often to check for online-only sales.

    2.  Look For Additional Online Discounts & Coupon Codes – When shopping online, always lookout for places where you can enter a “Promotional Code” or “Discount Code.”  If you see this option, and a code is not readily visible on the site, do a quick google search of the store’s name and the catch phrase used on the site, to see if a promotional code is available .  You can also visit coupon code sites for available promotional codes.  A good one to check is RetailMeNot.com.

    3.  Know When To Shop – Most of your favorite stores will have quite a few big sales throughout the year, so look for newspaper ads, and check the websites often as time permits.  Also, most, if not all stores will have end-of-season sales, and you can also find big deals at the first of the year (January) and the end of June.

    4. Sign Up For Your Favorite Store’s Newsletter – The newsletters will often give you advance notice of a sale or promotion and often offer a promotional discount code off your first purchase when you sign up.

    5.  Shop Off-Season – Shopping for fall items in spring, and spring items in the fall can yield big savings.

    I hope you found these tips helpful.

    You can also shop the items above on the Shop Fashion page here, and you can shop other sales and promotions here.

    Thanks for reading!

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