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  • The “LWG Midlife Method”

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    Let’s face it, when it comes to aging, because of the role hormones play, women face more changes and challenges than men, especially during midlife (ages 40-65), and because of increased life expectancy, the age range for midlife continues to expand, meaning it’s becoming increasingly more important for women to take better care of themselves during midlife and beyond.

    As many of you may already know, I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, which included some nutrition training, and I’m also in the process of completing additional nutrition training to become a Certified Nutritionist.  I’ve always had a passion for fitness, health and wellness, and it has truly been personally fulfilling to transition my blog from being solely fashion focused to more of a lifestyle blog, with a primary focus on fitness, health and wellness for women 40 and over.

    Although, I’m well over 40, I chose this age range as my area of focus, because it’s the recognized age for the start of midlife, and it’s the age that I personally began to notice changes related to hormones, and aging in general.  I feel that I’m not only equipped with the necessary education and training to be of help to women in the midlife age range, but I can also share information from my personal experiences and research that I love to do.  So, today. I’m excited to introduce something I’ve been working on for a while, and it’s The “LWG Midlife Method.”

    The “LWG Midlife Method” is a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellness for women 40 and over.  This means that instead of simply focusing on the body and how we look, this method focuses on lifestyle factors that impact the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of women 40 and over, during a time when all of these aspects become very important to everyday life.  Let’s take a brief look at each area, and how The “LWG Midlife Method” will address each one.

    Fitness – Fitness and exercise at age 40 and over is important for many reasons.  It’s not only important for weight management, but it’s also important for reducing stress and anxiety, and building strength, endurance, and balance, which are all things that are affected by hormonal changes and lifestyle adjustments that occur in midlife.  During midlife, it’s not just important to exercise, but it’s also important to do the right exercises.  You may have noticed that some of the exercises and workouts you did in your 20’s and 30’s just don’t seem to work anymore, and it’s because as our bodies and hormones change, our fitness and exercise regimens need to change.  You can no longer rely on cardio alone, you need to incorporate cardio exercises, strength training, and flexibility training, and basic cardio needs to be a mix of high intensity and low intensity in one workout, called interval training, to increase metabolism, and get the most cardiovascular benefits and calorie burn from the exercises.  The “LWG Midlife Method” incorporates all these forms of exercise.

    Health – Health at age 40 and over truly becomes a whole new ball game. It’s not just about diet and nutrition, but it’s sleep, and makings sure we get our regular check-ups.  The “LWG Midlife Method” will provide diet and nutrition tips, tools and resources, as well as information and personal experiences to help you maximize your sleep, and address your health needs along with the guidance from your healthcare providers, which is most important.

    Wellness – During age 40 and over, our overall wellness, including our mental and emotional well-being becomes even more important, because it’s often the thing that drives our ability to focus on our fitness and health goals.  The “LWG Midlife Method,” offers insights, tips and helpful tools like meditation and relaxation techniques to help with managing the stress and anxiety that accompanies midlife.

    So, how will The “LWG Midlife Method” help you? In addition to regular blog posts and social media posts with helpful information, tools and resources designed to help you manage your fitness, health and wellness challenges during midlife, you will also have the opportunity to become a part of an engaged and supportive community of women, where we can all share and exchange ideas on areas of concern we’re all facing as women 40 and over.  In addition, The “LWG Midlife Method” includes fitness and exercise programs specifically designed to meet the needs of midlife women, including monthly Zoom workouts, nutrition guides to help you better manage your diet, and health and wellness discussions and chats  for midlife women, that will be a part of my Podcast coming soon.

    This post is designed simply as an overview of The “LWG Midlife Method,” and it’s holistic approach to managing midlife changes of women 40 and over, and to also give you a glance into what the primary focus of Lulu With Grace will be moving forward.  Be sure to follow Lulu With Grace on Instagram and Facebook, and I also invite you to join the Lulu With Grace Facebook Group, by clicking the link here, to become a part of a community of women 40 and over looking to live their best life during midlife and beyond, and who want to get and stay fit, healthy and well.

    Thanks so much for reading this post, and I look forward to you joining The “LWG Midlife Method” journey.