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  • Vintage


    Outfit Details:

    Top:  Modern Vintage Top (Color Sold Out); Other Colors here

    Bottom:  Kick Crop Pants (Old); Similar here, here and here

    Shoes:  Ankle Strap Sandal

    Bag:  Satchel

    We’ve all heard the saying “What’s Old Is New Again,” and that saying definitely seems to apply to fashion these days.  It seems that today’s styles are filled with various pieces inspired by the past.  In last week’s post here, I shared track style trousers, which originated in the 80’s, and today, I’m sharing a wrap top style that definitely has a vintage inspired look and feel.  From the wrap waist to the ruffled sleeves on this top, there are definitely some elements of another era woven into it’s design, with a slight modern twist.  I guess that’s why it’s labeled a modern vintage top.

    Vintage inspired clothing are pieces that are reminiscent of another era, and if you are one who enjoys fawning over clothing styles from the past, you’re definitely in luck now, if you’re searching for vintage inspired pieces.  Since, there does not seem to be any particular era that is being fixated on right now with vintage inspired fashion, you can definitely find everything from dresses, pants, tops and shoes with a certain old era style.  If you find that vintage inspired pieces catch your eye, in today’s “Style Guide,” I’m sharing a few ways to pick vintage inspired pieces.

    Style Guide:  How To Pick Vintage Inspired Pieces

    Pick An Era – Do a little research, and find an era of clothing that you like and that inspires you.

    Select Versatile Pieces – When choosing vintage inspired pieces from an era you like, pick pieces that can easily be mixed and styled with modern pieces you already own.

    Accessorize With Vintage Inspired Items – A quick way to add a vintage look to your outfit is to add a vintage inspired accessory, like a hat or a piece of jewelry.

    Shop Stores That Sell Vintage Inspired Clothing – There are many stores that sell vintage inspired clothing styles locally and online.  A simple google search can help you locate them.

    I hope today’s “Style Guide” has given you a few ideas for adding vintage inspired pieces to your look or wardrobe.  You can shop the items in this post below in “Shop This Post”, or you can visit the Shop Fashion Page here.  Also, you can shop Lulu With Grace partner sales and promotions here.

    As always, thanks for reading!


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