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  • Why I Became A Health Coach For Midlife Women & 5 Things About Working With A Health Coach You May Not Know


    As I start to speak and communicate with more people about what I do as a Health Coach (Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Nutrition Coach), I often get asked, why I chose to become a health coach for midlife women.  One of the obvious answers to this question is, because I am a midlife woman, and I understand the health and wellness needs of women forty and over, but there’s quite a bit more to it than that, and today I’m sharing a little insight into my decision to become a health coach and solely serve midlife women.

    I’ve always had this instinct and desire to help other people (I know it sounds cliche’, but it’s true), and I’ve always had a personal interest in health/nutrition, fitness and wellness, and despite being married to a physician, who I could turn to for instant medical related questions and answers, I always found myself wanting to learn more about women’s health and wellness, and I spent many hours doing research specifically about aging and anti-aging when it comes to women’s health and wellness.  After several years of running my fashion and lifestyle blog (Lulu With Grace), there was always this need to do more and to share more to help women in my age group (over 40), to live a more healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, and the question became, how do I do it.  I already had the business knowledge, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing, so, after doing even more research, I decided becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Nutrition Coach, was a great place to start to get the knowledge I needed to truly serve those who I wanted to help.

    Choosing midlife women as my primary focus was an easy choice, because I’ve lived or I’m currently living and experiencing the lifestyle challenges that midlife women experience, and through my training, I’ve not only gained the knowledge and experience to help myself, and can share solutions from my own personal experiences, but I’ve also gained knowledge that can be of benefit to other midlife women as they navigate the changes and challenges that come with this thing called midlife.  As a health coach, my approach with my clients, is not just about what you’re eating or not eating, and if you’re exercising or not exercising, my approach is more holistic (mind, body, spirit), and I focus on using nutrition, movement/exercise, and mindfulness as healing tools for everything from low energy, anxiety, mood swings, lack of sleep, weight gain, loss of fulfillment, midlife blues/malaise, lack of confidence, feeling unhealthy, feeling invisible, and much, much more.  Here on the website’s home page, you can learn more about all of the services offered, and even book a “Free Consultation/Discovery Call,” to discover if my program is the right fit for you.

    Now, although health coaching is not really new, I’m finding that the concept is somewhat new to many of the prospective clients I speak with, so I decided to include in this post “5 Things About Working With A Health Coach You May Not Know,” and they are listed below.

    “5 Things About Working With A Health Coach You May Not Know”

    1. Health coaching goes beyond what you’re eating, and how much you’re exercising (although these things are very important), but health coaches help you explore your personal barriers to addressing the many health and wellness challenges that come during midlife.
    2. Health coaches become your friendly accountability partners, who can help you break down your big goals into smaller more achievable goals and steps, and can help make you more successful in becoming healthier and happier during midlife.
    3. Health coaches focus on you as an individual in 1 on 1 coaching sessions, so you get personalized attention to your health and wellness goals, and they also offer group coaching sessions that are more general in scope for midlife women.
    4. Health coaches can be your navigator, and offer you a road map, when you’re confused about what to eat or not eat, what type of exercises are best for your body type and goals, and what wellness practices are best for your anxiety and lack of energy during midlife.
    5. Health coaches help you learn how to help yourself.  You build a sense of self-confidence to make choices that are best for your overall well-being during midlife and beyond.

    I hope I’ve been able to shed some light on my decision to become a health coach, and how my personal plight to help you live your best midlife is truly what inspires me daily.  I also hope you learned a little more about health coaches, what they do, and how they can personally help you to be the best version of yourself during midlife.  Please be sure to take some time to peruse the website,, learn more about the programs offered, and book a “Free Consultation/Discovery Call” to determine if my programs are a good fit for you, and to learn more about how we can work together.  I also invite you to join the “Your Midlife Marvelous” Facebook group, where I share inspiration, tips, tools, recipes and more daily, by clicking the link here.  You can also get your copy of the “Your Midlife Maven Free 4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Guide,” by clicking the link here.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!!

    As always, thanks so much for reading!