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  • Midlife Health & Wellness Guides For Purchase


    A Guide To Managing Midlife Stress – The Ultimate E-Book To Help You Understand Midlife Stress & How To Manage It

    This E-Book is designed to educate you on stress and anxiety, the effects it can have on your life and lifestyle, and ways to manage it holistically during midlife, mind, body and spirit.  Click “Add To Cart” below to get the E-Book.


    Master Your Midlife Metabolism – Top Secrets To Boost Your Metabolism During Midlife

    Use this guide to access to tips, tools and resources for understanding and mastering your midlife metabolism.  This guide also includes a 4-week balanced meal plan, a 4-week fitness plan, recipes and more.  Click “Add To Cart” below to get the guide. You can also listen to the “Making Your Midlife Marvelous” Podcast Episode “Midlife Metabolism Myths,” by clciking the link here.



    6-Step How-To Guide To Getting Motivated To Get Healthy & Lose Weight During Midlife

    Use this 6-step how-to guide for women over 40 to get motivated to get healthy & lose weight during midlife.  The guide includes a detailed 6-step plan to take you from unmotivated to motivated to get healthy and fit in no time, journal pages and worksheets to help you easily implement each step in the guide, a 4-week meal plan with a printable grocery shopping planning sheet, a 4-week fitness plan to get you moving with a free guided meditation for rest days, inspirational and motivational quotes to keep you inspired and going, and much more. Click “Add To Cart” below to get the guide.




    4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Guide

    Use this DIY 4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Guide to jump start your healthy living and weight loss/weight management plan, and help you start to lose weight and/or maintain your weight and reach your healthy living goals.  The guide includes a 4-week nutrition and meal plan, a 4-week fitness and exercise plan, tips for jump starting your weight loss, recipes for meals included in the nutrition and meal plan and more. Click “Add To Cart” below to get the guide.



    Gratitude & Self-Care Journal

    Use this printable & re-usable daily gratitude and self-care journal to help you achieve and maintain positivity and gratitude on your self-care journey.  The journal includes the a morning gratitude notes page, daily self-care planner page, evening gratitude notes page, and a blank daily journal page.  Click “Add To Cart” below to get the journal.