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  • Mini Post: 5 Tips To Improve Your Health & Wellness After Age 40


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    After age 40, there are many changes occurring in the body, that can start to signal you need to begin to make some changes, to ensure you remain healthy and well during midlife and beyond.  As a Health Coach (Certified Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer), working specifically with midlife women, there are several tips I share with my clients, to help them improve their health and wellness after age 40, and today, I’m sharing five of the tips with you.

    “5 Tips To Improve Your Health & Wellness After Age 40”

    1. Eat Breakfast – Because your metabolism slows down 2% each decade, eating breakfast everyday is essential.  Eating breakfast in the morning at the start of your day, helps to jump start your metabolism, and gives you more energy.  Studies have shown that women who eat breakfast lose more weight, and sustain their weight loss more than those who don’t.  You can check out my hormone balancing breakfast idea here.
    2. Exercise – Just 30 minutes a day of exercise can give your metabolism the boost it needs.  You don’t have to exercise to the point of injury, just be sure to include some aerobic/cardio activity, strength training, and stretching in your exercise regimen.  You can check out some of my “Free” exercise videos here.
    3. Take A Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement – During midlife, maintaining strong bones has never been more important, and taking these supplements will give them what they need to remain strong and healthy.  I use this calcium supplement here, and this vitamin D supplement here.
    4. Manage Your Stress – After age 40, stress can trigger unhealthy changes in your body, like increased blood pressure, and other heart health changes.  Managing stress is key to keeping both your mind and body healthy.  I’m a big fan of meditation and deep breathing to manage stress.  You can access my “Free” 5 Minute Guided Meditation here.
    5. Eat Protein At Every Meal To Fuel Your Metabolism, Mood, & Brain – If you are starting to notice a sluggish metabolism, low moods, and brain fog, adding protein to every meal can help.  Eating foods with amino acids at least twice a day, can boost the metabolism, and mood-lifting neurotransmitters in the brain, which can help with symptoms of depression and poor memory.  Fish, egg, and quinoa are great sources of protein.  You can check out my “Free” Meal plan here.

    I hope you find these tips and the linked resources helpful.  If you’re a woman 40+ looking to get healthy, fit, and well, click the link here to book a “Free” Discovery call.  I would love to help you reach your health and wellness goals.  For daily health/nutrition, fitness, and wellness tips, tools, and resources for midlife women, you can join the “Your Midlife Maven” Facebook group, by clicking the link here.

    Thanks so much for reading!!